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Posts tagged with ‘pre-k’

  • Kindergarten curriculum includes learning in the forest

    By jennifer jennifer on March 16, 2016
    Sometimes a change of scenery is all that’s needed to gain a fresh perspective. For kindergarten teacher and nature enthusiast Peter Dargatz and his students this year at Woodside Elementary, relocating the classroom to the great outdoors has provided just that.   In a recent report to the Hamilton School Board, Dargatz described his unique approach to teaching the district’s […]
  • What Do Americans Think About Access to Education

    By jennifer jennifer on March 10, 2016
    People support expanding pre-school for kids, but when it comes to free, public higher education, opinions split along more familiar political lines.   Americans continue to see expanding access to education as the best strategy for widening opportunity in the modern economy, but remain conflicted as to whether to extend that commitment to dramatically widening the pathway to higher education, […]
  • Educators tout the benefits of pre-k programs

    By jennifer jennifer on February 26, 2016
    A North Carolina legislative panel heard a mostly positive assessment Wednesday on the impacts of a quality pre-k education, with most education experts touting pre-k services as a major boon for students. “We have a long way to go,” said John Pruett, director of the Office of Early Learning in the N.C. Department of Public Instruction.  “There’s a lot of […]


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