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Posts tagged with ‘financial aid’

  • College Financial Aid Letters Just Got a Little Better

    By jennifer jennifer on March 17, 2016
    But families still need more information about each school’s true cost, critics say.   Starting this spring. it should be a little easier to figure out exactly how much you owe your college.   For the first time, all college financial aid offices are supposed to follow some basic rules for providing undergraduates and their parents with information about their […]
  • Why College Is So Expensive, And How To Fix It

    By jennifer jennifer on March 2, 2016
    It’s no secret that a college education in America is more expensive than it’s ever been. With tuitions at many Universities now exceeding $40,000 per year, even a plethora of financial aid opportunities and scholarships leave the average student approaching or upwards of six figures in debt as a result of their four year degree.   At the same time, […]
  • Secret Side Doors Into Your Dream College

    By jennifer jennifer on February 26, 2016
    These alternative admissions programs can save you money—or raise your bill.   “We are unable to offer you admission…” A heartbroken Brandon Giraldo was about to crumple up the rejection letter from his dream college, Cornell University, when his sister, who happened to be reading over his shoulder, pointed to its second paragraph.   Good thing. Today Giraldo is a […]


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