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  • How Trump Can Make Education Great Again

    By jennifer jennifer on March 18, 2016
    He wants Americans to be more competitive internationally. Here’s how to do it.   Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric is heavily focused on improving America’s ability to compete. He promises a better deal for American workers in trade agreements, and a more restrictive border policy in part to prevent competition from immigrants for low-wage jobs. These positions are well-known, but another […]
  • College of Education teaches students to read with music

    By jennifer jennifer on March 15, 2016
    UF’s College of Education was awarded $400,000 to help elementary students learn to read.   The college earned the money  from the state to update Winning Reading Boost, a program founded in the 1980s that helps third-, fourth- and fifth-graders with reading through music.   Students in the program have been found to remember more information when rap, contemporary, jazz […]
  • What Do Americans Think About Access to Education

    By jennifer jennifer on March 10, 2016
    People support expanding pre-school for kids, but when it comes to free, public higher education, opinions split along more familiar political lines.   Americans continue to see expanding access to education as the best strategy for widening opportunity in the modern economy, but remain conflicted as to whether to extend that commitment to dramatically widening the pathway to higher education, […]


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